Leather is one of the oldest and most unique natural products. It combines important inherent properties such as durability, breathability, suppleness and aesthetics. Leather is as unique and individual as a fingerprint.

We process European cowhides of outstanding quality. At our company, we use sustainably tanned leather in a variety of grains. During subsequent processing, we manufacture the perfect fit for optimum comfort.

Feel the unique product characteristics of our leathers and choose your favorite material from our extensive leather color palette.


We also manufacture surfaces made of Alcantara, fabric or artificial leather with the same high quality standard.
Our dedication to quality applies to all materials used.


Perfectly executed decorative and functional seams, color-coordinated materials and technical knowledge are the basis for a harmonious overall appearance.

A wide selection of different yarn colors rounds off the individual design of your leather seats and transforms the entire interior into a true eye-catcher.