Through our quality and environmental principles, we create awareness for our values among all employees and thus contribute to achieving our corporate goals.

Responsible Employees.

Our employees are at the center of everything we do. After all, they are the essence of Auto Leder Atelier. Getting our employees involved and committed ensures that our company is successful in the long run. Therefore, it is particularly important to us to establish comprehensive initiatives for accident prevention and damage limitation. We place great emphasis on developing our teams and regularly offer training and further education courses. This motivates all of us to act responsibly – even beyond our day-to-day activities at work.

Environmental Protection.

For us, it is of utmost importance to use environmentally-friendly processes and technologies for every new project or product. In doing so, we focus on saving raw materials, energy and water. We take the necessary measures to avoid generating harmful environmental impacts through our activities and use our resources sparingly. We demonstrate our active commitment to the environment and nature with our ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard certification.

Supply Chain.

Sustainability throughout the entire supply chain is an important aspect of sustainable products. Therefore, we encourage our business partners to act according to equivalent guidelines and also to actively support human rights and environmental protection.