Would you like to have your leather interior repaired without having to replace the entire interior? We repair blemishes such as open seams, scratches, breaks or surface cracks in the leather.

We refresh minor color changes caused by sunlight through targeted retouching.

We replace torn leather with individual leather patches in the right color and structure, so your seat looks good as new again. Reupholstering and repairs to seat cores are just as much a part of our repertoire as the care of materials.

The term Smart Repair represents short repair times at reasonable prices. For us, Smart Repair means finding durable and affordable solutions.


Our secret for the preservation of your leather seats – cleaning and care!

Cleaning the material is the prerequisite for proper care. Our leather care reliably protects your car’s interior and thus ensures a significantly longer value retention. Feel at home again behind the wheel, and regain the feeling of a particularly well-maintained environment.


Our aim is to understand our customers and exceed their expectations. Thanks to our competent and dedicated customer service, we ensure that our customers are left satisfied long-term.

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